Lost & Confused



Maybe I'm getting too old for this crap. To spend days on planes and in airports around the world used to excite me before, but now I just see the heavy luggage, cramped spaces and body odour. Unfortunately, I realised this AFTER I booked my air tickets to Europe, with the intention of travelling for six months, re-visiting places I have already seen and discovering new ones.

This, in part, was supposed to be a record of my experiences on those travels. It was intended primarily for my friends, who know me and as such don't need an introduction (indeed, I'd prefer no identification at all). Incidentally, the title of the site is NOT referring to me, rather a comment I liked from an American tourist fumbling through Paris. For those of you who stumble upon these ramblings, here's a quick synopsis of my life thus far.

I was born in Czechoslovakia in 1976, came to Australia in 1986, studied and finished a Medicine/Surgery degree and have been a doctor for a few years. I'm also a wannabe fitness trainer and swimming instructor and have delusions of photographic ability. I speak Slovak and English fluently, my Czech is passable, my German and Russian is now crap (I used to be fluent in both) and my attempts at French had the Parisians rolling on the floor laughing. I was hoping to add Spanish to the list before my return to Australia.

As I've mentioned before, this travelogue was mainly for me and my friends. As such, if any of the stories and/or accompanying pictures offend you, too bad (that's another reason my name is not going anywhere near this). You are welcome to stay, however, and may you have as much fun reading it as I had living it!


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